State Empire

We are an Independent Design & Development Studio in Melbourne

With over fifteen years experience working across digital and print, we partner with clients to form a communications strategy and create effective media for their business. Whether it’s a mobile finance utility, a socially integrated content hub, or a coffee table book, our goal is the same: to achieve great results for our clients.

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Who We Work With


For the second year running we collaborated on the ANZ GAYTMs campaign - A principal partner of the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, ANZ Bank along with WHYBIN/TBWA partnered with State Empire to develop an online experience to match the outdoor activation of turning multiple ANZ ATMs across Sydney into GAYTMs. This year the award winning campaign took things to a new level - letting the public vote for their own ATM to become 'The Only GAYTM In The Village'.

With a deadline of ten days, we cracked open the 2014 build and worked on how the new full-screen parallax animation could be smoother, faster and work better across devices. The end result is a much smoother animated journey from introduction to end, stripping back last years use of PNGs in favour of scalable graphics allowed for an easy transition from desktop to mobile and along the way we cut our code back by around 80%.

"State Empire have been a hugely valuable partner to work with in creating polished apps. They work to improve the output from the beginnings of the project with advice on everything from better usability, to more cost/time/code efficient design implementation, to graceful degradation options for ancient browsers. They output code that is rock solid that impresses the fussiest of Tech Leads, and they rigorously test before deploying. I would highly recommend working with State Empire." - Dave Keating TBWA

Project Notes

Design: TBWA Melbourne
Services: Digital, Consulting, Strategy, Development
Technologies: SVG, HTML5, CSS3, Animation, jQuery, AngularJS, LESS
Awards: Cannes Lion x 8, ADMA x 6, Clio x 5

RACV / Stress Smash

To avoid the stress of roadside dramas, we collaborated with the crew at TBWA Melbourne to create an online game using video assets and some nuts BTS interactive logic, to 'Smash Balloons, Destroy Plates and Crush Watermelons on your way to some sweet, sweet stress relief.'

Project Notes

Design: TBWA Melbourne
Services: Digital, Gaming, Consulting, Development
Technologies: Video, SVG, HTML5, CSS3, Video/Animation, jQuery, AngularJS, LESS

Keaz / Sharing Economy

Keaz Limited, an Australian and Hong Kong company built on the premise that "everything should be shareable", approached State Empire looking for a strategy, design and entirely new system for sharing online. We started by creating a set of detailed wireframes, outlining the complete process from 'Find' to 'Book'. From there we developed a complete brand around Keaz; including their logo, a digital/print style guide and the online user experience (UX).

The keys to Keaz were handed over to the client in 2014. Currently the platform hosts three Fortune 500 companies, who are benefiting from the platforms features to cut down a companies carbon footprint through better fleet management, both within the company and employees sharing vehicles outside of company hours.

The Keaz Application Program Interface (API) is a custom built framework using Python, Postgres and Redis to deliver all the building blocks Keaz needs now and in the future. Allowing for apps to be written across all environments - mobile, tablet, nav units, pagers etc ...

Project Notes

Services: Branding, Design, iOS/Android Apps, Digital, Consulting, Strategy, Development
Technologies: Python, Redis, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, LESS, API Framework, Java and Objective-C

Medibank / Gen Better

State Empire has been an ongoing supplier of websites to Medibank since 2013, including the fantastic - get off the couch campaign - Generation Better Workplace in 2014.

Project Notes

Design: TBWA Melbourne
Services: Digital, Consulting, Development
Technologies: SVG, HTML5, CSS3, Animation, jQuery, AngularJS, LESS

John West / Trace Your Fish

We partnered with a well respected Melbourne agency to build and deploy the front-end of the John West sustainable activation.

Project Notes

Design: The Royals
Services: Consulting, Development
Technologies: PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, LESS

ANZ / Banking Misc.

State Empire has been an ongoing supplier for ANZ Bank since 2012 and collaborated on various award winning campaigns including Buy Ready, Business Banking and the 2014/15 GAYTM campaigns.

Project Notes

Services: Digital, Consulting, Development
Technologies: SVG, HTML5, CSS3, Animation, jQuery, AngularJS, LESS

Swoop / iOS App

State Empire worked with the team at Swoop Melbourne and San Francisco to wireframe, design and brand the UX and UI of version 1.1 and 2 of their iOS and Android apps, developing for both business and consumer needs. Version 2 will be made available to the 2015-16.

Project Notes

Services: Branding, Design, iOS App, Digital, Consulting, Development
Technologies: HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, LESS, Java and Objective-C

Nissan / X-TRAIL Spotto

In 2012 we were excited to collaborate on a Nissan X-TRAIL iOS application, API and desktop CMS. The app utilises our own existing Phingo platform. With the team at Nissan we rolled out the award winning app Spotto. Spotto uses our UX, UI and API endpoints.

"Nissan X-TRAIL Spotto was born out of the insight that parent’s iPhones always find their way into the hands of kids on car trips. However in stark contrast to the vast majority of games, Spotto encourages players to notice, explore and interact with the real world around them."

The Spotto iPhone app allowed players to share their photos via Facebook and Twitter, while the live Pinterest feed published photos as they were snapped.

Project Notes

Design: TBWA Melbourne
Services: iOS App, Digital, Consulting, Development
Technologies: Python, Redis and Postgres, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Objective-C
Awards: W³ Awards x 3, ADMA x 1

Mintist / Collections

Mintist is a collaboration project, built on a custom Python API and AngularJS front-end. The project is a working example of collecting any object using a simple UI and basic gestures. Give the system the content and it can be used to “collect” anything, fast, easily. “Mintist, making it easier to get your comic books in order”. Relaunching in 2016.

Project Notes

Services: Branding, Digital, Consulting, Development, API
Technologies: Python, Redis and Postgres, AngularJS, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery